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BEST METHOD:  EMAIL Your Events (webmaster) For Fastest Processing.  Also, the benefit of cut-and-paste reduce transcription errors.

ALTERNATE METHODS:  Put the Webmaster On Your Mailing Lists - Items Will Be Gleaned From Them As Received And Time Permits.

DESPERATE:  Depend Upon Word-of-Mouth To Get Your Information On The Site,  You'll Probably Be Disappointed.

DIVINE PROVIDENCE:  If I get your lodge's event's in that manner I really will be seriously impressed.

Would You Like A Circular Displayed?

Send A Digital Copy in Any Format. - It Will Be Converted and Posted With The Quality of the Original. If you give me a printed piece of paper, I'll have to scan it. This is a hassle, and the Webmaster has been known to be moody.  If you mail the circular in an envelope, the same applies, only it will have creases, too.   I don't often feel like photoshop type cleaning up the creases - it can take a lot of time.  Furthermore, about stuff you scan and send:   if you do a half-ass job (crooked, really low quality - you get the point) it implies that you really don't care - so, should anyone else?

As a rule-of-thumb, this site  will not be posting commercial ventures or links to such ventures.  If, in the future, that becomes a necessity, it will surely be related to a mechanism to raise funding to defray the website's expenses.  For now, expenses are extremely modest and are expected to stay that way.

What about stuff of nominal interest outside of your lodge, such as a Treasurer's Report, Degree Rehearsal?  Well - there is a solution for that:  YOUR LODGE'S TRESTLE BOARD !  Subject to the basic restrictions of no commercial ventures, &etc., you can submit items that are quite lodge specific.  This is a great resource for your lodge brothers . . .   As always - your lodge (i.e., Master, Secretary, or their Designate - anyone who cares) has to submit the items for anything to happen

Doesn't This Seem Kinda' Harsh?

From The Book of Web

In the beginning, the Webmaster sought out lodge events.  The smiles were no doubt genuine, but the information was rarely forthcoming.  The Webmaster E-Mailed. The Webmaster Telephoned.  The Webmaster Spoke Face-to-Face.  The Webmaster was Ingored!

Then, The Webmaster Had An Epiphony!

If the information were truly important, he reasoned, then surely the brothers would submit it to him post-haste.  If, on the other hand, the news wasn't really of interest to the providing brother, he'd find no need to go through any effort to spread the news.  Suddenly, it was all so clear and sensible!

So, If You Don't Feel It's Worth Any Effort to Spread The Word, You Will Have Done Your Brethren A Favor By Not Wasting Their Time Telling Them About It !

 Nature and The Universe Are In Harmony.

Last Update: September 4 2020