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Experience has taught that the most effective manner to keep the website events up-to-date is according to the following policy:

E-Mail events to the Webmaster and they get priority treatment - a genuine A.S.A.P.  This is, in no small part, a reflection of the emperical fact that the lodge/organization hosting the event considers it important enough to proactively seek website presence.  Also, the informational portion of the email can be cut/pasted into the webpage:  easier (for me) and less chance of error.  If there is a flyer for the event, please attach a copy if you'd like it posted as well.  This is preferred to a paper-copy which will need to be scanned (which requires making time for the scanning).  The webmaster has applications to work with virtually any file format.  More on this, below!

Lodges who send their monthly bulletin to the webmaster will be happy to know that it is read and used to update the website.  This is a slower process, for sure, as it obviously requires time in the postal system and then further time whilst the bulletin is scoured for events (which are not always neatly listed).   I also receive some electronic meeting notices - I get to these a bit quicker.   In either case, there is obviously there's more for me to go through if I need to read your entire bulletin then if I was just sent the information you deem important (and also, you can give me additional details beyond your bulletin).

At the other extreme?  Hoping that an announcement at some meeting will be written down or committed to memory because you told it to me.  Draconian a concept though it may be,  experience has shown that if no one felt it worth the effort to contact the Webmaster with the information then it's not all that important to them - and by implication - to anyone else.
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