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  • Twenty Eight Brothers of the Lodge
    Attend First Degree !

    October 13 2010:   Five New Brothers were initiated Entered Apprentice to what turned out to be a memorable gathering not only for these newly made Brothers, but for those of us in attendance, as well.  Twenty Six Master Masons, a Fellowcraft, and an Entered Apprentice, all members of our lodge, came to join in and witness the ceremonies.  With the arrival of our DDGM & Staff Officer for the second section of the degree, we cracked thirty - but it was the ever-increasing attendance at our meetings that was so wonderfully brought home.

    Upcoming Meetings
    Mar 23First Degree of Masonry
    Mar 30Second Degree of Masonry (Special Communication)
    Apr 13Driver Training
    Apr 27Voting On Grand Lodge Amendments
    One-Up Night
    May 11Elections
    May 25Brother-Bring-A-Friend
    Jun 8Years-of-Service Awards
    Jun 22Installation (Tyled)

    Brothers, all - it's certainly common enough for you to hear and read great things about the brothers of the lodge - maybe to the point of ignoring them as boiler-plate comments - but the "new guys" have really added a palpable energy and joy to both our meetings and collations.  For those of you who've been away for a while, whatever the cause, all you need to do to share in and add to this is to lengthen your cable-tow a bit and come to lodge.

    W∴ Jay Berry, Master
    W∴ George Kivowitz, DSA, Secretary

    Last Update: MAY 5 2011