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The Nassau Masonic District's website is continues to implement the latest web standards, which are currently HTML5 and CSS3.  All you need to know about these is that they are used to determine how your computer screen displays internet pages.

More precisely, it is how your browser displays the internet.  If you have a Windows system, it came with Internet Explorer (IE) as your browser.  If you are a more savvy user, there are a number of other (free) browsers available.  Similarly, Mac users have available their own browsers.

This site is developed to appear reasonably well on all of the most likely browsers. It turns out, however, that not all browsers are created equal.  Taking Internet Explorer as an example, there are now five version out there that visit the website: IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, and IE10.  Firefox is a free alternative that has gained popularity, and Google Chrome has come to dominace.  Safari, for Mac users, follows in fourth place.  Others are Opera and SeaMonkey (a descendent of Mozilla's Netscape Navigator).  This site is viewed/tested with IE8, FireFox, and SeaMonkey.

It turns out that Microsoft's Internet Explorer hardly supports HTML5/CSS3 . . . until version 9 (IE9).  There is a free update for Windows users,  IF their system can support it (Vista or Windows 7 only).  As a result, the website often looks a little visually off for many IE users.  Not messed up and unusable or anything like that, but some of the items you see just look a whole lot better to users with supportive browsers.  (This text box, for example, has a diffuse shadow, and the big heading, "Site Info" is in an interesting Font).  On April 5 2011, I started to include some code that detects your browser and corrects some visual problems (with IE9 or less), such as convert some neat-looking yellow text emphasized with dark shadows to plain navy-blue text.  Note that the shadow-font at the top of this (and most others, on this site) page is created by a javaScript function I wrote for the purpose.

The new browser standards are just too much fun and too useful to ignore.  With some difficulty, I will resist suggesting to you what you should do, for although I'm strongly opinionated, this website is not the place for me to take sides.  I have, however, included a graph, from Wikipedia, showing the decisions others have been making  (August 2014 data).  You can also click below and measure where your current browser stands (and check a list of 'all' browsers).

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Browser Usage For August 2014

Last Update: AUGUST 31 2014