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Submitting Fliers:   A Tutorial

So your lodge is having a party and you've got the most awesome flier ever to catch the eye of your brethren and get them to instantly realize their lives would not be complete unless they attend.  The Nassau District website comes to mind as a great place to enlighten even more of your brethren, so you:
  • Mail the Webmaster a Copy so he can scan and post it.
  • Scan the flier yourself and Email to the Webmaster so he can post it even quicker
  • Use your own tools and covert the flier to .PDF format so it's really sharp and crisp, then email the webmaster can still post it extra quick!
All of these will work, but some brotherly advice whispered into an attentive ear would help both you and the webmaster.

SCANNING, whether done by you or the Webmaster, is not the most desirable option.  The scan will not be as good as the original.  If the Webmaster has to scan it, which often means it was mailed, it will be folded. He'll have to find the time to both scan the document and then remove the rather ugly fold lines. This can take a while. Your scanning, of course, removes these obstacles, but there's one obstacle left: data size.  It turns out, when you scan a document, your creating a map of every single spot on the page. For an 8 1/2 x 11 inch scan, at 300 dpi (dots-per-inch), this can be huge. Some of your brethren with slower internet connections will have an unpleasant wait whilst MB after MB of data trickle into his PC.

Submitting a directly page directly formatted as a .PDF page is much better.  It has the same quality as your original, as composed in your filer-making application.  There is some subtlety to this, as well, particularly when you use any sort of graphics.  PDF images can be resized on your browser to huge and still maintain sharp clean text and images.  The thing is, when you write to the .PDF file it save the images at the same resolution as they are in your document.  You may resize them to small, but all the data for a giant picture is there.  The result?  Bloated .PDF files - so whist the transmission and quality problems are gone, the too-big file problem may not be fixed.  What's a Brother to do?  There are two options:
  • Use your photo-editing application to rescale the picture your pasting into your document before you paste.  Also, if you know how, increase the .jpg compression.  Those 2 MB pictures are now (I hope) less the 0.2 MB each (i.e., 200 KB).  We're saved!
  • Send the webmaster your document in its original format (.doc, .pub, etc.), along with the images you inserted (if possible).  He'll do the dirty work, make sure everything fits and looks great when it appears on your Brothers' screen.
        Even the characters will be inserted where needed!
Also, when appropriate, he'll adjust something that may have squeaked over a single page so that it fits nicely on a single page - and can be easily read, printed, and given out in other lodges!  And he does it for free!

So there's the scoop on fliers - you've a lot of options and each has its own implications.  The decision is, ultimately, yours - but everything about every website is the 'experience' - and the better the experience the better the response.

I (webmaster) am not being a nit-picker.  It would be very easy for me to simply take whatever you send, post it, and forget it.  This website is not run that way.

Webmaster Nov 13 2011
Here it is, Oct 31, 2018 - and the above is still pretty much on-the-mark;

Last Update: NOVEMBER 20 2011