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District E-Mail Directory

What's This Page About?   [Click Here For Some Q's & A's ]

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Master808Secretary808Guiding Light - Olympia Master822Secretary822Lynbrook-Massapequa
Master855Secretary855Paumanok-Port Washington Master956Secretary956Spartan
Master975Secretary975Bethpage-Hicksville Master1016Secretary1016Floral Park
Master1126Secretary1126South Shore - Long Beach Master1143Secretary1143Valley Stream

The Q's And A's

Q:   What Are These District E-Mails Addresses About?
A:  District E-Mail Addresses Are Permanent Easy-to-Remember Addresses To The Various District Officers and Organizations.  They Are Permanent In That The Address Will Remain The Same, Year After Year, Even Though The Officer Holders Change.  Mail to the, For Example, Will Always Go To The Staff Officer, Whomever It May Be.

Q:  How Does This Work?
A:  The Addresses Are Not Actual Mailboxes, But Instead,  Operate By Forwarding E-Mail To An Assigned Address.  As Officers Change, The Webmaster Simply Changes The Forwarding Address And The Mail Goes To The New Officer.

Q:   What Else Is This Good For ?
A:  Using A Forwarding Address Has Two More Advantages.  For Starters, It Hides Your True E-Mail Address And This Can Help Cut Down On Spam (Hallelujah!).  More Importantly, If The Recipient Wishes To Change Where They Receive Their E-Mail, All They Need Do Is Have The Webmaster Change The Forwarding Address - No One Else Need Know Or Care.

Q:   Me Too!    Can I Get In On This?
A:  Absolutely!  Authorization Was Received For The Webmaster To Offer District E-Mail Address To The Brothers of The District For The Paltry Sum Of $1 Per Year.  The Funds Collected Will Go Into The District's Coffers - The Same Ones That Pay For The Districts Domain "".  For A Buck, You Can Have Nearly Any E-Mail Address You Wish  The Common Sense Exceptions are: (1) Addresses That Would Reflect Negatively Upon The Craft; and (2) Addresses That Imply An Actual District Office, And Thus, Might Tend Toward Confusion In The Craft.

Bonus Opportunity!  I, the webmaster, am offering the same deal with my own personal doman, "" - the money still going to the district. - Nov 1 2010


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