District Deputy Grand Master's Message

My thoughts on Freemasonry
I find it to be the most ancient and replicated of fraternal organizations.

For me, the very characteristics of Masonry are revealed in painting, sculpture, emblem, figure, and reading, and have a moral and meaningful place in depicting and making of ourselves as better men and Masons.

My repeated Masonic reading of books and ritual brings about a improve memorization and and bring about better understanding.  Hopefully, making of me a better man, father, husband, Masonic Brother, Mason, citizen of our country and world.

It has only been 34 years since I joined The Craft and I only wish I became a Mason much earlier in my life;  to have known of it and its Brethren so as to help mold my life at a much earlier age.

Maybe we should find men that are of good quality tell them about Masonry;  help mold them into better men and Masons;  or let them find us through our good actions and deeds.

I welcome any thoughts you wish to share on how Masonry has helped or improved your life.

I look forward to seeing all my Brothers !

Your Brother,

R∴W∴ Michael J. Finocchio - July 10, 2016

Updated: July 13 2016